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Windows XP Home sharing

I share
HOME and PRO all the time with no problem.  I set up an automatic routine on the HOME box so I don’t have to mess with things more than once.
Here’s what I do to share out an entire drive:
1. In PRO right click on drive go to properties and sharing tab.
2. I click ‘New Share‘ and name it CDrive.
3. I click ‘Permissions’ and give everyone full control.
4. After OK’ing back to the PC desktop I write down a username and password that can log into the PRO so I have that info handy.
5. I go to START–>RUN and type cmd.  Once a DOS box pops up I type ‘ipconfig’.
6. Write down the IP Address and close the DOS window.
7. Go to my HOME pc, goto START–>RUN and type cmd.  Once a DOS box popus up type ping and then the ip address you wrote down e.g. (ping  Then hit enter.  If you get a reply proceed.  If not then you can’t talk to the machine until you can ping it.
8. On the HOME pc you’ll use the net use command to access the PRO Box automatically. Here is NET USE syntax:

for example if my computer name is PROBOX and my username is John and my password is pass I would type into notepad
net use x: \\\CDrive pass /user:PROBOX\John /Persistent:no
9. I then go to File Save As Connect.bat
10.  Then anytime you want to connect click Connect.bat and it will map an X Drive on your Home box to the CDrive share on the Pro Box.

Didn’t mean to write that much but it kept on going.  Guess I’m trying to keep from working.  Let me know if you have any questions.

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