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SBS2003 – Re-activation error

Det er set nogle gange, at Windows Small Business Server 2003 pludseligt går i "krampe" og ikke vil logge ind m.v.
I den forbindelse er opstået en fejl med meddelelsen om at Windows skal aktiveres. Og det på servere som har kørt i årevis.

Der er dem som mener det opstår i forb. med SBS 2003 Transition Pack:

MS had suggested two options. 

First, they suggested renaming two files to get them out of the way. The only way
to do this was through the safe mode command prompt:


This had the effect of changing the error message to a more generic WPA problem,
but the issue remained. 

Secondly, they suggested emptying the following registry key, by setting it to '0'.
 (we could still conect to the remote registry while the machine was on):

HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\WPAEvents\LastWPAEventLogged

This didn't change anything.

More out of desperation than inspiration. I went back to the command prompt, removed
those files again and immedaitely rebooted from the CD and ran a repair install from

2 hours later, I logged in and got the same error message again, but this time clicking
'yes' took me to the activation page. (Thankfully the network drivers were still
working). Then all that was left was downloading and re-applying 50-odd patches before
dragging myself home a shade before midnight.
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